Property Snapshot

Included with every order you receive on AppraisalPort or InspectionPort, Property Snapshot gives you a head start on gathering data about the subject property and the real estate activity in the area. Property Snapshot recently received a number of enhancements to include additional data related to the subject property’s neighborhood and market including up to 30 recent area sales, listing activity, expanded subject sales history, neighborhood homogeneity — including how the subject conforms to the neighborhood — all right at your fingertips


To navigate to the Property Snapshot, go to your orders. Once you select the order that you are interested in, click on the small globe icon with the arrow dropdown.



From the list of items, select Snapshot.


Once selected, Property Snapshot will open into a new browser that provides an interactive report that you can scroll through and even save as a PDF.

property snapshot_agate30

Watch the video below to learn more about Property Snapshot and how this useful tool can assist you when gathering data related to a property.



Should you have additional questions, please contact FNC’s Customer Support at 888.963.3330 or email

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