On the Lighter Side – Appraiser’s Story

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Here is a funny story from an appraiser who ended up in a bit of an unusual situation. It is from the days before smart phone flashlight apps – those can sure be handy. I don’t think any appraiser should leave home without one!

I was appraising a vacant condo unit in a high rise gulf front building. The semi-private elevator took me to the private lobby of the unit. I stepped out and as the elevator doors closed behind me, I realized that the lobby was going to be completely dark and I had not brought my flashlight. When the doors closed I had my first ever almost-panic-attack, dropped my clipboard, and stumbled around feeling for a light switch, then for the doorknob, then for the key box which was supposed to be hidden behind some planter or something. The light from my cell phone was only bright enough and only lasted long enough, to keep my eyes from getting used to the dark. It seemed like a long five minutes, though it was probably only about a minute before I gathered my faculties long enough to realize that the elevator button behind me was lit up, and that all I had to do was push it!

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