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on Jun 16

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Connections lead to More Business. AppraisalPort helps create Less Work by helping streamline your access to more customers.

The Profile Completeness indicator is a simple tool we made to help you get more business. It’s here to help you make the most of your profile – and, if you choose to share your information, to provide the most complete and accurate data about you to possible clients.

The Profile Completeness gauge you see in your profile is just an indicator of how complete your profile is. The more complete your profile, the more information potential clients may see when boarding new vendors. This number is not client shared, nor does it affect assignment – it’s simply a way to help you define you as much as possible.

Your Profile Completeness number indicates that you completed the associated section of your profile and is not based on the amount of data you provide. The 100 points indicator is based on the criteria listed below.

18 pts. – License
18 pts. – Insurance
15 pts. – Coverage Area
12 pts. – Verified
08 pts. – Services
08 pts. – Specialties
06 pts. – Photo
05 pts. – Memberships
05 pts. – Resume/Work Sample
05 pts. – Background

AppraisalPort has the ability to share the profile information included in the Profile Completeness calculation with potential clients, should they choose to look at it. If they do, they’re probably looking for service providers with the most complete profiles and the best matches for their assignment needs.

Think about it like an online dating site – AppraisalPort is helping you and potential clients find the best match. All you need to do is complete your profile and choose to share your information. That’s it.

So, get More Business. All you need to do is complete your profile – and let the Profile Completeness indicator be your guide.



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