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on Jun 16

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Flexibility. User-friendliness. These are a couple of words (OK, so “user-friendliness” may not be a real word) our developers used to describe why the Order Search function is one of their favorite features of our AppraisalPort 2014 release.

Where the previous AP search function was like a form to be completed, the new Order Search function features type-ahead search results, which gives users the convenience of choosing from the most likely matches while they enter search terms.

“Our type-ahead functionality allows our customers to autocomplete on terms that are associated with their orders,” says AP developer Dan Nemesek. “What that means is less chance of errors from typos and fewer keystrokes, which ultimately means the customer has quicker and easier access to their order information. This functionality is similar to the Google search experience that offers auto completion and auto correction of search terms. With the new AP, we hope to leverage our users’ familiarity of Google-like searches so using our search interface is as easy as possible.”

AP’s new Order Search also offers Boolean-type searching, which allows users to search more effectively by using terms like AND and OR (for example, “Landsafe OR TSI”). Users can also search by parts of client names (“First” for “First Horizon”), addresses (“Running” for “Running Road”), or service names (“1004” for “1004 Full Appraisal”).

You can search for exact phrase matches in quotes to get as narrow or as broad as you want, and Order Search prepopulates data based on the terms you already have access to.

Commonly used searches can be saved – a feature brand new to FNC Ports.

More ways to interact with orders. Users can arrange search results in list view or card view for ease of use. “You can interact with an order from within the search results,” says Dan Nemesek, AP developer. “For example, you can perform bulk actions like ‘accept all selected’ or ‘decline all selected’ for specific orders.”

Also new to AppraisalPort is the concept of company. For the first time, user profiles can be affiliated with an office manager’s AP account, giving the office manager access to see service providers, accept jobs on the user’s behalf, and more.

AP 2014’s search feature also features an infinite scroll that returns 10 results at a time, like Twitter. When you get to the end of visible search results, AP automatically loads more results for you to view.

Developer Sarah Odom explains: “The new AP search gives you the flexibility to search for things you find useful.”


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