on Jun 13

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To be competitive in today’s valuation world, you have to keep numerous deals in the air. You have a limited amount of time to profitably spend on each. You need to capture issues on the first pass.

You’re reviewing a client’s 16-page engagement letter and you capture the requirements,but where did you put the note you jotted them down on?

Your Office Manager received three calls while you were away, each from homeowners changing their appointment times. The sticky notes get appended to the wrong files on your desk.

A trainee in your office has a question concerning one of your assignments. To record the issue, he writes you a note in email but doesn’t realize that he is responding to ‘all’ in a previous email. Now, your client knows all of your business.

Sound familiar? All the above issues can be resolved now in AppraisalPort. Welcome Notes to our coming release. Directly capture your thoughts, notes to file and appointment changes as you’re working without exposing them to loss, poor penmanship, a swift breeze or opening them up to others outside your office.

AP Notes are just like the great sticky note we’ve all grown accustomed to, but they are electronically appended to your case file in AppraisalPort. And the best thing of all: Notes are only for you and your Office Manager (if you have one) to view.

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