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on Jun 2

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AppraisalPort’s real-time dashboard is where users can access orders and analytics as well as other useful information like help, notifications and announcements. You can see orders by status, client, or four-month history. And the AP dashboard goes wherever you go via your tablet or phone, giving you access to all your info anytime, anywhere.

More information in real time. Real-time updating is a first for FNC Ports. The dashboard numbers refresh instantly as new orders come in. “A big effort in this new release was to keep our users in the know with real-time notifications to their order updates from anywhere in the site,” explains AP developer Sarah Odom. “The Analytics page is a global view of their orders, updating instantly as orders change and move across statuses.”

AP messages and notifications also update in real time at the top of the dashboard.

Exclusive to office managers is a dashboard activity feed that shows real-time updates from all service providers connected to their account. For office managers, this feed also appears on the individual order page.

More simplicity and ease of use. Click a chart in the Analytics page and AP will redirect you to the data associated with that chart. Click a table — AP will retrieve the data for that table.

“We wanted to make it easier for all AppraisalPort customers to get to their information, through easy access to order data via search and order-related data in an easily digestible manner from the AP Analytics page,” AP developer Dan Nemesek says.

Ultimately, the intent in creating the AP dashboard was to create a single space for users to view their order data and easily drill down on the specific data they are interested in, helping them do Less Work and More Business.



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