Office Manager Functionality

on Jun 2

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Throughout your life, you’ve wanted to have your own company. After working in the trenches for a number of years, you finally felt your reputation was developed enough to step out on your own. Immediately, you receive affirmation that your decision was correct and business begins flowing in from a number of your lender and management company contacts. This is great, but you find you are spending a tremendous amount of time just working through the numerous administrative tasks that go along with the job.

Solution. You bring in an office manager to take care of your business while you work on expanding your business connections and keep up with your deadlines for your assignments. Your office manager needs to make calls for you, accept your assignments, set appointment dates and submit files as they are completed and approved. Unfortunately, the many systems and web sites that you have to use to get and complete your work offer limited functionality for your office manager to work in your place.

Evolution. You’ve grown your practice and you need solutions that grow with you and provide the flexibility to allow you to get your job done. Enter AppraisalPort 2014. Now you will no longer need to share your profile with others in your office to get your job today. Today, we allow your profile – and your employees’ profiles – to be affiliated with your office manager’s AppraisalPort account. So now, while you are away, jobs can be accepted, appointments set, and calls and messages returned.

You’re ahead of the game, and now you can take the next step in growing your dream. Your business has evolved – thanks for allowing AppraisalPort to evolve with you, as well.


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