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on Jun 10

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Connect. The world is more connected today than during any other point in history, and technology has driven much of this new connection. Whether you’re purchasing goods from Amazon, connecting to a business network using LinkedIn or accessing a Google application or your video library on your YouTube channel, you’re doing business through connections to large and broad technology networks.

Business-to-business connectivity is driven through what is referred to in the marketplace as an Application Programming Interface (API). APIs are developed to specify how systems are to communicate with one another and to manage that communication, as well. At FNC today, our portal products communicate through APIs with our lender client system, the Collateral Management System® (CMS®). We also communicate with loan origination systems and other service and data providers through APIs.

With our 2014 Ports delivery, FNC will also provide an updated API that will provide open processes to link other providers to our Ports. In the future, other clients, systems and even mobile web applications will have the opportunity to connect with AppraisalPort, therefore connecting with you as an AppraisalPort user. Once connected, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your business through added lender and vendor connections. The API provides a great opportunity to extend AppraisalPort and your business.

AppraisalPort not only will be marketing the new API – we will also be using it for our own product needs. As other systems connect, they will be communicating just as we do. As AppraisalPort evolves, so will the API.

The future is about connections. Join us and grow your business with us.

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