FNC Ports Agreements to be modified on December 20, 2015

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What’s Changed?

A Quick Summary of Some of the Changes to the Ports Documents

FNC is amending the User Agreement which applies to the different FNC Ports.  It is also amending the FNC Ports Rules and Regulations and the FNC Ports User Profile Sharing Agreement.  Each of these changes is effective on December 20, 2015.

This document contains a quick summary of the changes that we are making to the present documents which govern your Ports account.  However, we may have missed something which you consider important so we encourage you to review each of the documents, since it is the documents which will govern your account with us.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly customer support at 1-888-963-3330 or support@fncinc.com.

FNC Ports User Agreement

Here are some of the major changes to the FNC Ports User Agreement.

  • We merged all of the different Ports agreements (AppraisalPort, InspectionPort, TitlePort* and so on) into a single agreement so that no matter which Port you use, you will have the same agreement.
  • We did change some of the terms and definitions to make sure that this new single agreement covers all of the different activities in which all of our different Ports users engage, including flood, appraisal, mortgage closings, title and so on.
  • We added an entire section to recognize that our users may be using different ways to sign into their Ports and that they may be using one or more devices (such as smartphones) to connect to the Ports.
  • We added clarification that you can retain any products and services you obtain from us through any of the Ports for your own internal use and records.
  • We clarified how we handle your user profile, including what we share and when.
  • We clarified that if your account is terminated either by you or us, or if your account is suspended or inactivated, that we can sever the connection between you and your clients. In addition, we reserve the right to charge you a re-activation fee in order to re-establish your account or your account connections.

FNC Ports Rules and Regulations

  • We remind you about our long standing policy to impose a fee in the event that any payment is returned by our bank. Typically the fee is based on the fee that bank imposes on us.
  • Since we have included more Ports, we have expanded the different activities which might amount to a transaction.
  • We reserve the right to charge a re-activation fee before we re-activate your account after it has been terminated, suspended or inactivated for any reason.
  • We also remind you to be cautious about using any third party services to sign into any of the Ports, especially if you need to enter your credentials (username and password) into their system. This might compromise the confidentiality of your account or your client’s information.  To avoid breaches of confidentiality or compromises to the security or integrity of the Ports, we reserve the right to block the use of third party services.

FNC Ports User Profile Sharing Agreement

  • We clarified our long standing practice of sharing your profile information to any clients where you have established a link or connection. However, as always, your profile information is not shared with any other party unless you have consented.
  • We also clarified that the information we share about your profile does not include your Ports preferences, your Ports activity or your Ports settings.


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