AppraisalPort Mobile App – Overview and FAQ

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Updated 8/1/2016

AppraisalPort is a secure, Web-based work site from which appraisers can receive orders, send completed reports, and communicate with their clients. It is integrated with FNC’s Collateral Management System®, used by many mortgage lenders, banks, and appraisal management companies.

The AppraisalPort Mobile App integrates directly with AppraisalPort and provides users with a view into the current state of their account for real time order management and communication. From the app, appraisers are able to:

  • accept and decline orders
  • set inspection dates
  • review order engagement letters and contacts
  • view properties on a map
  • manage out of office settings
  • communicate with your clients using the mobile messaging features of the app
  • view and search orders in your pipeline based by client or status

A valid AppraisalPort user account is required to access this mobile app.

FNC’s AppraisalPort mobile app is developed for iOS 8.0 or higher, third generation iPads as well as Android 4.1 and higher. For iPads, we are only supporting portrait view during the initial releases. We ask that anyone using this app to refrain from doing so while driving. If you have additional questions about the mobile app, please send us a question using the ‘Send Feedback’ button within the app or contact Support at 888-963-3330.

To download the App:


After downloading the app to your mobile device, log in using your standard AppraisalPort credentials. You will be asked to create PIN code. This code will allow you to remain logged into your account for up to two weeks. After logging in and creating your PIN, take the app for a test drive. The app looks and operates in very much the same way as the web version does.

Have more questions? Watch the tutorial video and browse the Frequently Asked Questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I/we need to create a new account to utilize the app?
No, you will not need to create a new account for to utilize the mobile app. You will log into the app using your current AppraisalPort credentials.

Currently our firm’s service providers share one account, will they all need to create individual accounts?
Yes, we recommend each service provider have their own account. On the new site you can create a company account and invite your service providers to create and link individual accounts to the company; however, the mobile app does not currently support the office manager function.

What is the purpose of the PIN?
The PIN is a form of security known as “Two Factor Authentication” and it is a required setting. On your initial login, you will be asked to create a code for your use. After your initial login and PIN creation you will be asked to re-enter the PIN after an hour of app inactivity. All users will be required to sign back into the app every 14 days.

General Operations
What functionality is available in the App?
The app has been designed to primarily enhance your work around your orders.

    1. accept and decline orders
    2. set inspection dates
    3. review order engagement letters and contacts
    4. view properties on a map
    5. mobile communication is greatly enhanced using the mobile messaging features of the app
    6. searching for order based information

What order functions are not supported?

      1. order notes
      2. RFPs and accession advertised orders for TSI and Landsafe
      3. standardized messages subject lines
      4. viewing associated files
      5. accessing data express or property data snapshot
      6. uploading files.

Can I manage my profile from the app?
Profile information cannot be managed from the app at this time. Profile management should still be maintained on the primary site.

What other functions are limited in the app?

      1. no company information
      2. no office manager functionality
      3. no poll
      4. no client announcements
      5. no portal announcements
      6. sort direction, order by clause, or filter by order status are not available

Should I change my notifications?
The AppraisalPort Mobile App will provide in app push notifications (signified by the red bubble message counter you see on most apps). Push notifications are for new orders and new messages, only. These notices are not currently configurable. These notifications are shown when the app is closed or running in the background. If the user logs out of the app, they will not receive push notifications. This is a new feature for AppraisalPort, so initially we ask that you retain your email and text notifications while this feature reaches stabilization.

Will I have to adapt to a new user experience to utilize the app?
No. The app has been developed using all of the current AppraisalPort design features. Users will notice this from the dashboard throughout the app.

What do the dashboard status groupings mean?

      1. Open Orders (Blue) – client orders in New, Accepted, Submitted, Rejected, On Hold and With Client status settings
      2. New Orders (Green) – new clients orders awaiting response from you
      3. Due Today (Orange) – items that are due during your day today
      4. Due Tomorrow (Dark Yellow) – items that are due during your day tomorrow
      5. Past Due (Red) – items that are past due
      6. Orders by Status (Swipe) – your orders grouped by status
      7. Orders by Client (Swipe) – your orders grouped by client

What will happen if I select the “New Messages” button?
You will be taken to a page with all new messages ordered by order and date received.

What are “Flagged Messages”?
These are messages that have been ‘flagged’ for follow-up in your account on either the primary site or within the app.

What will happen if I select the “Send Feedback” button?
You will be taken to a special page where you may provide with questions or feedback regarding the app. These questions will go to the app development team and will be reviewed to improve your experience on the app. Please send us your comments for improvement or questions using this feature.

What are the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the dashboard?
The ‘Hamburger’ is a menu. From the menu you may go to your dashboard, order summary, profile to reset your PIN or send feedback to us regarding the app.

Order Summary
What information can I access from the Order Summary screen?
The order summary screen, which can be accessed from any of the dashboard status buttons or graphs, will provide you access to the full order folder, such as the full order details, your message queue on the order, a google map of the subject property as well as the engagement letter from your client.

When I receive a new order, can I manage acceptance using the app?
Yes. To do this, select the order from your summary queue and then choose to accept the order or accept with conditions. Set the inspection date as well during this step. You may also reject the order from the app following the same process.

How to I review the Engagement Letter with the app?
Anytime you see the document icon labeled with “EGL”, this represents a link to the client’s engagement letter. Select the link and the letter will open up. The letter will likely be larger than your screen, but you are able to scroll around the document and complete your review. While orders can be accepted without reviewing the engagement letter, we encourage you to use this tool to review the document before acceptance.

Are messages just available for review are am I able to respond as well?
You can not only read the messages in your message queue, but you can respond and create new messages. Just select the pencil icon labeled with “Compose”. You will be presented with a new screen. Enter your subject and the body content of the message. Once completed, select “Submit” to send the message.

I need to know who to contact at regarding my inspection. How do I do this?
Assuming your client has provided contacts in their Collateral Management System, they should be listed under the “Contacts” icon in the Order Details screen.

Send Feedback
What is the “Send Feedback” button all about?
Within the app, we’ve provided a button as well as links to a “Send Feedback” message screen. This is our way of giving you a quick way to send us suggestions on the app. This is not intended as a message feature for an order. Those should be addressed through the “Message” feature. When submitted, these messages will be directed to the AppraisalPort Product team.

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