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What’s New

The Most Recent Enhancements

What are the most recent enhancements to AppraisalPort? In the “What’s New” section, we’ll point out the latest and greatest features, new functionality, upcoming technologies and the user experience upgrades making a first-time appearance on AppraisalPort. We may even give a shout-out to the person behind the idea (will it be you?) and offer a prediction on what’s coming next. Whatever is new, rest assured the goal is to make AppraisalPort better for you!

  • Office Manager

    Office managers can accept jobs, update appointments and return messages from their AppraisalPort account, freeing you to complete valuable assignments.

  • Real-time Dashboard

    A big effort in this new release was to keep our users in the know with real-time notifications to their order updates from anywhere in the site.

  • Notes

    AP Notes are like sticky notes we’ve all grown accustomed to. Your thoughts, notes and reminders recorded for your eyes only.

  • AppraisalPort API

    Other clients, systems and even mobile web applications will have the opportunity to connect with AppraisalPort, therefore connecting with you as an AppraisalPort user.

  • Responsive Design

    A site created with responsive design principles adapts its layout to fit its environment, whether that’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

  • Order Searches

    Flexibility and user-friendliness are a couple of words our developers used to describe why the Order Search function is one of their favorite features.


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Some blog posts require the front-page treatment – “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” – so these special posts (well, really, they’re “special” because they have featured photos assigned to them), show up on the homepage as well as the blog page! If you’d like to check out all the news from AppraisalPort, simply click “Browse All Articles” below to be taken to the full blog.

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